Tara Mooney

Tara is a Certified Massage Therapist and received her education from Mueller College here in San Diego. She first discovered bodywork back in 2011 when she began a Yoga Teacher Training program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . Working to align students throughout their practice came as second nature and that's when she knew she had found her calling.

Tara is trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Asian Cupping Techniques, Neuromuscular & Trigger Point Therapy and Sports Massage. She integrates these modalities to create a personalized session for the unique needs of her clients. In addition to her massage and bodywork training, her extensive background as a former collegiate swimmer helps pinpoint under performing muscles and trigger points. Chronic and overuse injuries brought on by sport or other daily use became the primary target of the quality deep tissue style of therapeutic massage she performs.

She believes the body has an innate healing process and she tries to best facilitate this through massage, stretching and relaxation techniques. It is her honor to draw from this wealth of experience and well-being.

In her free time, Tara enjoys her daily yoga practice, runs through Balboa Park, competing in triathlons and trail races and traveling with her friends and family.

​Marc Malin

Marc Malin is a California Licensed Massage Therapist. He has been involved in the Healing Arts and wellness field since he was a teenager and is a lifelong musician and photographer as well. In 2002 Marc graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts. The focus of the school was centered upon a Therapeutic and Sports Massage dealing with rehabilitation from injury and maintaining physical wellness. It was also at MTI that Marc started to combine his passion for sound and the power of vibration through tone. Marc studied techniques of sound healing using Tuning Forks as well as other mediums for sonic transmission like singing bowls and gongs, and has participated in several international Sound Healing Conferences.

In 2009 the brand Sound Touch was formed so, that Marc could focus on his unique combination of Massage and Sound Healing.

Marc is skilled in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofacial Release and Sports Massage.